AMS- Attendance Management System

AMS is attendance management system, design to manage your employee/ contractor/ field force etc. Easy to report and analyse data for optimization and improve productivity of resources, intern high profitability in min time and efforts…

Highlighted features:

1. Clock in / clock out / recording Breaks & overtime
2. Job/ Task Assignment & Reporting at multiple levels with photo/ document evidence
3. Real-time Geo Tracking
4. Critical/ Heat-on Task priority reporting
5. Service/ client site mapping
6. Customization & Integration
7. Time-sheet Extraction.


Authorized Reseller of Anthropic

Anthropic Software Pvt. Ltd., is a product based company working telecom domain product , stock market platform , and  towards multi-domain digital society project space. Which has modules in connection with all the susbsystem which exists in society , We have come up with Academic Management system which is ,complete end-to-end integrated on-stop-shop solution, which contains Desktop software combined with Android Mobile Applications (Based on Roles) , As we know android phones and internet are now commonly available and android apps are easy to operate , maintain and handy so even computer illiterate person finds it very comfortable to operate android Apps. Hence we find android application is easy and comfortable tool to provide technical solutions to society, to solve some of complex problems in comparison to web applications or desktop Software as a part of entire society inter-connected digital eco-system.
This Paperless system is aimed at , automating all the needs of institutions , from office automation to academic management reduces , huge  amount manual effort resulting in saving of time , increase into efficiency, providing high degree of control over daily operations. In short the entire institution operation is on your touch of finger.

Authorized Reseller of Maven Systems